Learn with the Band

The Band tutors offer discounted tuition whether you are a complete beginner or already play an instrument. Lessons are on an individual basis and take place in Dunston Village Hall on Wednesday and Friday evenings. When a player reaches the required standard to join the Band the discounts get bigger! [see below].

This provides a fantastic opportunity to learn how to play an instrument, read music, play as part of a band and perform to an audience.

Our tutors are Roy & Helen Duncan (BrassAbility) who have many years experience of playing and teaching these instruments. Roy is an ex-military musician and has a Diploma of Music. As well as our expertise, we bring a passion for music to lessons to help to inspire our pupils. 

Our rates - for 1:1 half hour lessons

Registration and 1st lesson £20  
New starter per lesson: £8  
6 months after first Band performance: £7  
After next 12 months: £6  
After next 12 months: £5  



For more information on learning with Silver Sounds Band please use the 'Contact Us' page, or get in touch with the Band Manager Helen - details at bottom of the page.